Upcoming Speakers

One benefit of Business Connections membership is the opportunity to make a 10-minute presentation at a meeting. These presentations help members and visitors understand your profession while also providing valuable information and discussion that helps everyone manage or grow their business.

January 16

SCORE Meeting
January 23

Bud Boucher - Flooring
Peter Daigle - Property and Casualty Insurance
January 30

David Epprecht - Real Estate
Mark Joachim - Functional Medicine
February 7

Ricardo Morales - Painting
Harry Norris - Landscaping
February 14

James Patrick - Financial Services
Beth Schulkind - Senior Transitioning Services
February 21

Luke Tashjian - Tax Attorney
Chuck Threshie - Home Mortgages
February 28

Stan Witkow - Job Search and Career Management
Julius Alexander - Computer and Network Services